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Quilting learned at her mother's knee

Keitha Carnrike doesn't think recycling is a new concept. She learned how to do it at her mother's knee, watching as quilters made blankets from bits of cloth. Mrs. Carnrike is a volunteer for Community Care's Thrift Shop in Picton and the agency is holding a raffle with first prize being a handmade one-of-a-kind quilt that she made entirely from scratch.

As used clothing with holes and defects accumulated in the shop Mrs. Carnrike quietly took the items home, washed them thoroughly, cut them into pieces and sewed a colourful quilt top. Purchasing a flannelette backing, she added quilt batting and then tied the quilt. The day she took the quilt to the office she said that she "didn't think it was much but it might fetch a few dollars in the Thrift Shop". Her quilting teacher, her mother, would be proud. The quilt is a beautiful example of recycling and reusing at its best and it symbolizes the mission of the Thrift Shop.

The Prince Edward County Community Care for Seniors Association operates the Thrift Shop at 281 Main Street in Picton as a year-round fundraising initiative so that programs and services can be offered to help County seniors stay living at home. Services include Meals on Wheels, transportation, foot care, and a range of other programs to help seniors. The Thrift Shop volunteers share their time and talents and have made the initiative, started last August, a success. Howard Johnston, chair of Community Care's board, says "this is our 25th year serving The County and it's the volunteers that are the life of Community Care."

Raffle tickets are available for $1.00 each or 3/$2.00. Only 300 have been printed. The draw will take place on June 27th. Purchase a ticket at the Thrift Shop, 281 Main Street Picton, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm. You can also drop off your good used items at the Thrift Shop during those hours. Good things don't belong clogging landfill sites. Call 476-1555 and Community Care's volunteers will pick up your donations of stuff. Keitha Carnrike might even make another quilt.